Postal rentals for the weekend need to be placed by 2pm on Wednesday every week!


What date do I select when booking my rental?

Please select the day you are wearing the rental not the day you want it to arrive, we will make sure it arrives in time for your event and the correct return date is generated based on the day you are wearing the garment.

I am going on holiday and need my rental for an extended period of time is this possible?

We can extend all rentals as needed provided there isn't a booking already made from another customer that would prevent this. There is an extra fee charged for extended rentals and this can range anywhere between $5 and $50 depending on how long the extension required is.

How do I track my parcel?

Once your order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation which has a tracking button on to keep tabs on where your rental is at within the nz post network. Alternatively you can copy your tracking number and track directly via nz post using this link

How do I send my rental back?

All postal rentals are sent with a prepaid for and addressed courier bag, after your event pop your rental back into the zip lock bag and seal it up then place that into the courier bag. Then take your courier bag to your local nz post store and hand it over the counter to activate tracking, or book a courier pick up if you live non-rurally using this link

How much does shipping cost?

All shipping includes a return postage bag that is prepaid and pre-addressed. If you are shipping your rental to a non-rural address shipping is $14, if your address is rural this cost is $20 as there are extra fees associated with rural addresses. If you have purchased a last minute rental (Wednesday 11am onwards) or are worried it won't arrive in time, if your address is eligible you can add Saturday delivery to your shipping for an extra charge of $6.

I need to book a last minute rental, what do I do?

If it's past 11am on Wednesday and you need to book a rental for that Friday or Saturday that has to be shipped, please email us at or even better text us on 0272339878 with your details including postal address before booking your rental online so that we can confirm your address is not rural and will make it to you in time. By letting us know in advance we may be able to ship it out to you that Wednesday past our normal cut off time if this is when you contact us. Pick up rentals can be booked anytime during the week and usually take a few hours to be ready for pickup. Please refrain from messaging us on instagram or facebook for these situations as we check those inboxes less frequently and may miss your message.

Do you rent over Christmas and New Years?

Yes we do! Check out our highlight reel on instagram for more information on xmas rentals.

What if I damage my rentals?

If you damage your rental in any way, please let us know immediately so we can organise cleaning or repairs in advance and notify our customers if the garment damaged is booked for a date shortly after yours. We really appreciate honesty, and it makes it so much easier for us if you get in contact with us prior to the garment arriving back to us. Please do not try and fix the garment yourself as this may make it worse and cost you more in the long run.

What if my rental is stolen?

If the rental was in your possession and is stolen this is deemed the renters fault. Please get in contact with us and we can help rectify the situation.

How do I get wrinkles out of the garment I have rented?

All of our garments are steamed before being shipped or picked up. Because we fold our rentals it is common for them to arrive to you with wrinkles. Please do not iron the dress yourself because majority of our garments are extremely delicate and can only be steamed, ironing our garments will result in iron burns, causing the dress to be damaged beyond repair. We suggest hanging your rental up as soon as it is received and if wrinkles are still present after a day or two of being hung up, hang the dress in your bathroom away from water and have a steamy shower. The steam from the shower will help safely relax any present wrinkles.

If you have a question that is not listed here please email us at if the issue is urgent please text us or call us on 0272339878.